Pitch-in to celebrate Earth Day

Recently local residents’ group Carson, Trout, Lepine & Greenan Lakes Association reminded its members that they can celebrate Earth Day 2018 on April 22 by participating in Pitch-In Canada Week. Madawaska Valley Township has provided garbage bags free of charge for residents to pick up garbage along township roads.

A few flurries last week did not deter CTLG Lakes Director, Ted Bialy (shown above with wife Christina at the culvert between Lepine and Greenan Lakes) from making a start at pitching in.

Pitch-In Canada Week runs April 16-22 but in view of winter’s last blast, the Township will extend the event as needed. MV Township asks residents to leave full bags along roads for pickup by municipal staff. You should call MV Township office with the location of the bags. No garbage stickers are required on the bags.

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