Twenty-two teams vie for MV Library Trivia title

Twenty-two teams battled for the coveted trophy at the Madawaska Valley Public Library Trivia Night on August 15 at the Royal Canadian Legion Hall 406 in Barry’s Bay. Master of ceremonies Brian Tyrrell kept players and spectators in order as he read the questions, announced prize draw winners and thanked the volunteers and sponsors who helped to maintain this popular fundraising event for more than 25 years. The quiz was composed of four rounds of 25 questions each, with the third round being a crossword puzzle. Library CEO Karen Filipkowski said the event raised $1,984 through registrations and spectator fees.


This year’s winners were the Blue and White team. From left: Jacob Afelskie (15), Peter Shaw (11), John Artymko, Nicholas Culshaw, Richard Shaw, John-Paul Shaw (13). 

Runners-up were the Blackfish Islanders who had tied with the Blue and Whites for first place after four rounds but then lost by just one point in the tie-break round: Peter Fright, Doug De La Matter, Mark Jones, Peter Bradshaw, Shirley Hill and James Di Fiore.

How’s your knowledge of trivia?

In case you’re wondering how tough it is to answer one hundred trivia questions, here are the questions that gave the teams the most  trouble: (Scroll down to the very bottom for the answers.)

  1. Which river passes through Madrid?
  2. In 1997 who set the Land Speed Record at 763mph?

Full disclosure from The Current Crew: Columnist Mark Woermke summed up The Current’s performance,

The team I was on achieved a solid level 3 — the provincial standard — with 76%.

A fun fact is that 14 teams knew the answer to this question:

In 2012 which Madawaska Valley Public Library book set the record for being stolen most often? Answer: Fifty Shades of Grey.

Filipkowski quipped,

I must have really been complaining about having to replace it so often.




Answers to the two toughest questions:

  1. Manzanares

2. Andy Green (No one answered this correctly.)

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