Update on Pot Shop Poll

Since The Current posted this Poll on September 16, there have been almost 900 visits to the poll. Yet, less than half of those visits resulted in votes. Perhaps we should have added an option for “Undecided.”

Readers may be interested to learn that the Pot Shop Poll result, based on votes cast so far, is:

  • No: 54 percent
  • Yes: 46 percent

On September 26 Caroline Mulroney, Attorney General for Ontario, announced proposed legislation which, if passed, would set the date for municipalities to opt out of having pot shops in their communities as January 22 2019. If passed, this is bound to put the time pressure on newly-elected municipal councils to arrive at a decision.

The Current will continue to make the poll available indefinitely so as to allow readers who have not yet participated to cast their vote as we draw closer to the deadline. Click HERE to visit the Poll.

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