Catch The Ace Week One winner nets $1,479

Erin Gienow, Donor Relations and Events Coordinator for St. Francis Valley Healthcare Foundation (SFVH Foundation), welcomed spectators to the first weekly Catch the Ace draw at 4 p.m. Thursday April 18 at the Ash Grove Inn. (above) Before the draw took place, she thanked the Catch The Ace (CTA) Volunteer Team which includes:

  • Wilno Knights who help with ticket pick-up and drop-off
  • Vendors throughout the Valley who help with ticket sales
  • Ash Grove Inn for hosting the weekly draws
  • All supporters who purchase tickets and help to spread the word

Maxine Smaglinskie and Melanie Coulas of SFVH Foundation were also on hand to help with the first draw as CTA volunteers and spectators watched.

Gienow announced that CTA Week One ticket sales totalled 1,479 so the weekly winner receives 20 percent of the proceeds of ticket sales = $1,479.00. If the winner also finds the Ace of Spades, they will receive an additional amount equal to 30 percent of ticket sales from this week = $2,218.50 for a grand total of $3,697.50.


The tension mounted as Valley Manor Board Chair Kathryn Marion (shown above) turned the CTA drum three times. Marion then drew the winning ticket at random from the drum and announced the winner, Marilyn Iob. Iob had selected Envelope 16 on her winning ticket but when SFVH Foundation Board member Christine Hudder opened Envelope 16 it contained the Nine of Diamonds, NOT the Ace of Spades. Week One CTA winner Iob will have to be content with $1,479 while the CTA lottery will continue next week (and subsequent weeks) until the Ace of Spades is found.


Christine Hudder (holds Nine of Diamonds) and Kathryn Marion

Tickets for CTA Week Two draw go on sale tomorrow (Good Friday) and continue until the afternoon of Thursday April 25. Ticket purchasers should note that in outlying areas (Madawaska, Killaloe, Round Lake, etc.) sales end at noon and in Barry’s Bay at 1 p.m. each Thursday. If you find yourself without a ticket on a Thursday afternoon and want to try your luck, you can still come to the Ash Grove Inn and buy a ticket from the SFVH Foundation up to 3:30 p.m. on draw day. Remember, proceeds go towards Valley Manor Redevelopment.


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