Catch The Ace winner gets $24,935.50

Congratulations to Rachel Stamplicoski, the big winner in St. Francis Valley Healthcare Foundation’s Catch The Ace lottery. When her ticket was drawn today at the Ash Grove Inn, the Ace of Spades was found in Envelope #15. She won not only the Weekly Prize (20 percent of this week’s ticket sales) but also the progressive jackpot that has been built up from 30 percent of each week’s ticket sales since the first draw was held on April 18.

Erin Gienow, Donor Relations and Events Coordinator for SFVH Foundation, said Rachel was “pretty excited” to learn she would receive a cheque for a total of $24,935.50

The big winner from the SFVH Foundation’s Catch The Ace lottery is the community, because 50 percent of ticket sales so far goes to the Valley Manor Redevelopment project.


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