Falling prey to deception

OPINION One of the most controversial topics of discussion that has surfaced among our communities and news broadcasts for the past several months surrounds vaccination. While some are celebrating the fact that a COVID-19 vaccine has been created and made available in such a timely manner, in an anticipatory attempt …

Reaping what you sow

When a farmer plants a crop, he usually does so expecting an abundant harvest in due course. But in order to achieve that harvest, a number of things need to be tended to. First and foremost, the ground requires preparation, so the farmer plows the land in order to overturn …

Mental imprisonment

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be imprisoned, physically detained? Most of us haven’t. We have never given any thought to it simply because it doesn’t have any direct influence on us. We are accustomed to, and embrace, freedom as a limitless commodity, taking for granted …

Introducing a thief

For anyone who hasn’t heard of, or been influenced by me, I would like to introduce myself, if I may. My name is Covid, Covid Nineteen. It is a pleasure to make your acquaintance. You may know me by my more familiar alias, “Corona” or Covid-19. I’m under the assumption …

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