Leaseholders respond to Chippawa Shores changes

On March 7 The Current reported on the delegation made to Madawaska Valley Council in Committee concerning changes to the subdivision/condo application to develop Chippawa Shores.

In response to this, The Current has received the following communication from Lindsay Fleming on behalf of himself and other leaseholders who have raised concerns about their property rights not being protected. Click HERE to read earlier article.  

Danielle Paul’s recent article in The Madawaska Valley Current identifies the amendments that Combermere Lodge Limited (CLL) is making to MV Council on March 5th, 2019 regarding their proposed Condominium development abutting onto Lake Kamaniskeg, Madawaska River and Green Lake.

Neil Enright, acting as agent for CLL gave notice of these amendments which include revising their re-zoning application as well as an amended configuration of lots – removing 10 lots.

Interestingly enough the part of the property being removed from the re-zoning application is the part of the property in dispute with the leaseholders – this fact was never raised at the meeting.

In the early 90’s CLL proposed changing the cottage rental format at Chippawa Cottage Resort to a combination of timeshare and rental. The latter being subject to availability after the best sites/weeks had been sold to timeshare owners.

As some of us had been coming to Chippawa for generations and looked to enjoy this gem for years to come purchasing timeshare was the only way to preserve this family tradition. The original timeshare/vacation lease arrangement’s were for 40 years .

We have seen our children and grandchildren grow up at Chippawa and now the owners want us out and a condominium development in its place.

So we, the leaseholders , have to find some other resort/timeshare property to spend our vacation time and CLL does not want to provide us with appropriate compensation.

By removing the parts of the property in dispute CLL hopes we will go away – be advised we are not going away!

It really is a shame that we have been treated like this. We have had four generations vacation at Chippawa since the seventies and certainly would have continued for many more. In fact some of us probably would have become the very first buyers in the new development.


As previously reported by The Current, Combermere Lodge Limited have advised that the issues raised by the leaseholders are the subject of court proceedings.


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