Reader asks should Madawaska Valley take more steps to deter summer vacationers

Letters to the Editor

Hello Current:

I am very curious and concerned about the impact COVID-19 will have on  Barry’s Bay and its community this summer and potentially into the Fall months. I know there are many municipalities in Northern Ontario and Quebec cottage country implementing their own measures to deter seasonal vacationers — even to the point of shutting off water supply to the cottagers like Huron-Kinloss Mayor, who ordered the city turn off the water to cottages as a way to keep seasonal residents away. Has or will Barry’s Bay and community be taking a similar stance, implementing their own measures, to keep vacationers at bay?    I don’t believe the area has any cases of COVID-19 and I would have to guess the community would want to keep it that way.

Hope everyone remains safe during what could become a challenging few months ahead. I just hope that by end of July or August, cottagers, such as myself, will once again be able to enjoy our Northern retreats. In my case, this would include a stop over in Barry’s Bay to visit dear friends and the usual local merchants.  It’s difficult to imagine the alternative.


Cyndie Bratkowski


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