Proposed condo development includes Chippawa Lodge

Combermere Lodge Limited outlined its proposed condominium development in the Madawaska Valley at the Mar. 5 Council meeting. David Hunter, President of Combermere Lodge Limited (CLL), was accompanied by Donald Dunn, Vice-President, and Leah Wilson, Chief Financial Officer (shown above L-R). Hunter said that CLL owns the property for Chippawa Resorts and has applied to the County of Renfrew to create 54 lots on the 190 acre site, ranging in size from 1.5 to 15 acres each. CLL’s plan includes retaining the lodge building itself, the great lawn and the beach as common areas for the use of all the people on the property. Hunter said,

In order to move to the executive estate residential lot model, it would be done in a common element condo structure. Some people when they think about that, they think cubes in the sky – and that is not what it is. It is really just an infrastructure to support private roads, common areas that all the people on the property could use and enjoy. So there wouldn’t be any condo buildings.

Hunter explained that recent provincial regulations required Chippawa Resorts to install an expensive Class 5 septic system at a cost that would effectively put it out of business. Turning the entire site into executive residential lots using a condominium model for the common areas and administration would retain the heritage lodge building and result in lower density on the site compared to other options such as a super trailer park. The development would preserve the tranquility of Green Lake and likely would not increase water traffic on the Madawaska River.


Shown above: Detail of the Combermere Lodge Limited condo proposal for the Chippawa Lodge site

CLL will host a site visit from Council in early spring. Mayor Love said,

This is one of those transformations where you are attempting to keep all of the great things about the property and still have it be a solid, viable development – but with respect to the environment, with respect to the users – so I’m very excited. So we look forward to seeing your application actually come to us and moving on with that process and having some more detailed discussions. Thank you.


  1. Theresa Crumb

    although I dont live in the area…I know it well. had the pleasure of staying at Chippawa while it was a trailer/cottage
    park. the grounds are beautiful Owners were lovely and it was time to move on. the plans for the land look amazing and progress for the area seems vital. I cant see it being spoiled by over building. if they keep thee lodge and the surrounding landscape…then what an opportunity for those who would love to live in such a beautiful enviroment.

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  3. Eleanor Fraser

    Great news if I understand correctly; condo potential; preservation of lodge; access for all and economic development future potential; minus the potential legal constraints. If this is the case; win win all around!

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