Green thumbs can help MV Food Bank

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The Madawaska Valley Food Bank asks local vegetable growers and farmers to plant extras as they start their indoor seedlings over the next few weeks and donate the resultant transplants to the Food Bank. The annual Grow-A-Row program at MV Food Bank is a good way to help their clients obtain healthy, natural foods.

Barry’s Bay gardener Terry Newcombe has volunteered with the Food Bank for over 5 years. He says,

Nothing, no box of cookies or package of meat, disappears as quickly from our tables as the trays of tomato seedlings every spring.

And it isn’t just tomatoes — tubs of tiny starter peppers, onions, carrots, and cabbages are equally popular, says Newcombe.

Our annual Grow-A-Row program is a sure-fire win-win success: our clients feed their families all summer as the seedlings eventually bear fruit (well, vegetables), and our gardening donors get to help their community by doing what they already love doing.

It is important to note that the Grow-A-Row program also teaches a valuable skill to families, both adults and children. There is no better way to get healthy food than learning to grow your own vegetables. This also gives people a boost in self-confidence, knowing that they can feed themselves with just a bit of fun work in the dirt. And of course children love the magic of seeing giant vegetables come from tiny starter  transplants.
Any vegetables at all are good candidates — if you are growing some then it’s likely that the Food Bank clients would also benefit from growing them.

To donate your seedlings, simply label them and drop them off at 188 Paugh Lake Rd in Barry’s Bay, on the second and fourth Mondays of the month. For further information, please call Terry Newcombe at 613-756-3344.

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