Sue Klatt returns to Madawaska Valley as CAO

According to a Horton Township announcement today, Suzanne Klatt is leaving it to join Madawaska Valley Township as the new CAO. Klatt will fill the position previously held by Doug Robertson. She lives in the municipality and previously worked for MV. In 2008 she went to the Township of South Algonquin. While there, Klatt served as the CAO/Clerk for three years. She took the CAO position at Horton Township in September 2016.

Earlier today, the Current spoke with John Hildebrandt who was MV Mayor at the time that Klatt worked at MV.  Hildebrandt said that he has known her for about 20 years. He said,

This is very good news for the municipality. She is a very community-minded person. Sue will work with the crew. That’s the way she is. She is a no-nonsense type of person, but not in a confrontational way.

Horton Township’s Deputy Clerk Hope Dillabough replaces Klatt as its CAO on May 25. The Current could not reach Klatt to confirm her start date with the Township of Madawaska Valley.

Update: Since posting the above, Klatt has contacted the Current to say her appointment as CAO will be confirmed by By-Law at next Monday’s Council meeting. We have removed incorrect references to her having been Deputy Treasurer at Madawaska Valley and South Algonquin and apologize for the error.





  1. Yvette Boudreau-Smith

    I dont know about her history (would love to read about that in a later issue), but if she is as qualified and experienced for the job as people seem to be saying, that is fantastic news. Hopefully she cannot be bullied.

  2. Linda Neuman

    Welcome back Sue! So happy to have you with us. I know that your hard work and dedication to our municipality will be a very positive change. Do your thing!💙

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