Grow A Row program flourishes

Photo: Terry Newcombe

Attached is a photo of our first food bank session this year with Grow A Row donations, which took place on May 22. If you recall, we promoted this program back in March, encouraging gardeners to grow extra vegetable seedlings so that our food bank clients could grow their own vegetables and thus have better food independence.

Well, people listened. We had close to 100 seedlings handed out this week — everything from cukes and zukes to peppers, lettuce, kale and spinach. Even better, we’ve heard from several gardeners who are going to donate more for our next food bank session, June 12th.

So we’re now on to our second stage of the Grow A Row program, where we ask local gardeners to grow an extra row of their favourite vegetables over the next three months and donate the harvest to our clients. After all, many people live in apartments or aren’t able to grow their own, but are still very grateful for fresh local produce.

I’m asking everyone who is out this week buying vegetable transplants to please consider buying a few extra trays for your garden. The harvest can be dropped off at 188 Paugh Lake Road in Barry’s Bay, on the second and fourth Mondays of any summer/fall month. If anyone has questions, please call me at 613-756-3344.

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