The Current’s municipal election coverage

Message from the Publisher:

With the announcement on Wednesday by Councillor Carl Bromwich, followed minutes later by that of Mayor Kim Love, that both are seeking re-election, it is true to say that the campaign season for the October municipal elections has now begun. The Current has today published an interview with Councillor Bromwich by Mark Woermke and will offer the same opportunity to all candidates. Mayor Love has received an invitation and we await her response.

As for the future, The Current also intends to take full advantage of its 24/7 online interactive capability in order to provide voters of Madawaska Valley with the opportunity to participate through our website in debates that are relevant to issues that affect them. Therefore, immediately after the deadline for declaring candidacy expires on July 27, The Current will publish full details of its arrangements in this respect. In the meantime, readers should not forget that they always have the ability to use the “Reply” option that follows every article published by The Current to express their own views concerning its subject matter.

The Current hopes that readers will take advantage of these facilities. We believe the voters in this community should have the fullest opportunity to comment, and seek feedback from the candidates, on issues that are of concern to them.

In the meantime, The Current will publish articles from time to time discussing the record of the present Council including:

  1. financial and budgetary achievements;
  2. its record in relation to the principles of accountability, transparency and integrity;
  3. the extent to which it has balanced the interests of residents in each of the three communities in the township;
  4. its record of contribution to the economic development of the area.

This list is not exhaustive as this is a dialogue that will be dictated to a large extent by contributions from readers. We remind readers who wish to comment on articles that your first and last names plus a valid email address are required.

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