Hands do so much

Image: creativecommons.org

Hands can say hello, hug you close, wave goodbye,

Point you in the right direction, cover your eyes when you cry.

Hands can harm someone, heal another,

Cover a yawn, slap your brother.


Hands can teach, write and draw,

Knit scarves, sweaters and buckle bras.

Move traffic, play music, feed birds and paint,

Call for help, perform surgery, also bake.


Hands can applaud, handcuff, warn of danger,

Type, soothe a child’s hurt, greet a stranger.

Cook, peel, open doors, fix a flat,

Drive a car, build houses and pat a back.


Hands can be arthritic, plant, make a fire,

Spank, massage and kill a spider.

Quilt, take photos, sew and carve,

Tame a horse, spend money and salute your Sarge.


Hands can forgive, brush hair, fly a kite,

Protect them from cold and from dogs that bite.

Hands have done so much, they’ve done their best.

In the end they’ll be folded and laid to rest.


Written by Gail Fekete

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