David Shulist runs for MV Council

David Shulist shown above on Bay Day

Former Mayor David Shulist has this afternoon submitted his name for election to Council. Shulist was mayor from 2010 to 2014. He sought re-election as mayor in 2014, but lost to Kim Love.

This now brings the number of candidates for Council to six (as we have just heard that Councillor Shelley Maika is also seeking re-election), these being:

  • Carl Bromwich
  • Andrey Kaminski
  • Shelley Maika
  • Ernie Peplinski
  • David Shulist
  • Mark Willmer

As of July 26 there are two candidates for mayor:

  • Elser Lee Faith Archer
  • Kim Love

The deadline for nominations is tomorrow, Friday, July 27.


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