New MV Recreation and Community Development Coordinator

CAO/Clerk Suzanne Klatt announced the appointment of Stephanie Plebon as Madawaska Valley’s new Recreation & Community Development Coordinator at the Council meeting on September 4 2018. The Current spoke to Plebon a few days later. She talked about growing up in the Valley and attending Madawaska Valley District High School in Barry’s Bay where she met her husband, Gary. She said the two summers spent working at the Railway Station when she was a student sparked an interest in a career in the tourism industry. After high school Plebon went away to college and graduated with a diploma in Travel and Tourism. She then worked as travel agent in Ottawa for two years before returning to Barry’s Bay. For twelve years she worked at St. Francis Memorial Hospital in various administrative roles.

The Plebons love outdoor activities. and are avid campers. She, her husband and their children, Brady, 8, and his sister, Jordyn, 6, usually spend a week in Algonquin Park each summer. Plebon is used to working with local community groups. She has volunteered with minor hockey, is a member of the Legion Ladies’ Auxiliary, and three years ago she started the local Girl Guides group. She finds time to play hockey regularly as a member of Chicks With Sticks.


From left: Mayor Kim Love, Recreation Chairman Carl Bromwich, Stephanie Plebon, CAO Suzanne Klatt

Plebon said her first few days in the role have been exciting with lots of opportunities for learning new things as she assesses all aspects of the job. She looks forward to getting her feet on the ground.


  1. Jane Shier

    As a visitor to Barry’s Bay each summer it is a welcome relief that they have put a local person in the position that knows the people and what they are looking for. Congratulations Ms Plebon I look forward to hearing about the great things you are doing for the Parks and Rec department.

  2. Elizabeth troy

    I find this very disappointing. No where in your article do I see that Ms. Plebon meets the qualifications of the job advertisement. Council spent over a year to fill this position with several advertisements placed and several meetings about the position. Did they just give up or did no one apply for it? I get the importance this council placed on locals after Councillor Peplinski’s comment a couple of years ago. I’m sure Councillor Archer and Bromwich were out voted again as recreation continues to spiral downward here. I hope some of the past employees get a giggle out of this.

    • Leah Kinghorn

      How do you know that Ms. Plebon does not meet the qualifications of the job? Maybe you should do more investigating before you belittle someone. I know some of the past employees and am sure they would not get a giggle out of this comment of yours.

    • Carl Bromwich

      To Ms. Troy,
      Stephanie is not only qualified for this position but will be a great addition to our MV Team. Her qualifications are impeccable and the future of Recreation, Heritage and Culture along with Economic Development are in good hands with Stephanie.
      I supported her hire and stand behind her now that she is on our team.

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