Madawaska Valley Fall Studio Tour this weekend

Linda Sorensen studio

Since 1991 a special kind of autumn leaf appears each fall in the Madawaska Valley. A sign in the shape of a maple leaf  is the symbol of the Madawaska Valley Studio Tour. This year you’ll see them along roads in the Valley September 29 – 30 as they mark the open artists’ studios on the popular Fall Studio Tour. The event attracts so many residents and visitors that for the past few years the artists have also opened their studios during summer.

Madawaska Valley Studio Tour organizer Tanya Lyons, an internationally-recognized glass artist, told The Current on the Summer Tour in July she already had applications from artists who wanted to be on next year’s Tour. She said the applications are all considered each January for both Summer and Fall Tours as well as for both studios and guest artists. “Having guest artists makes it more of a destination,” she says.

tanya-lyons-glass-artistShown above, Tanya Lyons in her glass art studio.

Explaining her current work, Lyons said,

I’m doing a lot of cherry blossoms this year because I had another commission from the same cruise company.

[My glass kimonos] are sailing the seas. I did one a few years ago for the Holland America Line. They are building another boat so this time it’s brass and purple and red cherry blossoms.

One of the earliest artists to open their studios is Linda Sorensen in Wilno. Her work has changed over the years and she says she is always learning. Sorensen was one of the first artists on the Tour to provide giclée prints of her work. A recent investment in high quality camera equipment has enhanced their quality.


Linda Sorensen explains her goals in this image

The trees, the fire, the canoe and the sunset. It’s like the ultimate … and figuring out the light coming from the sun.

Lyons encourages artists with space to host other artists in their studios and the Tour includes many guests in a wide range of media. Some guest artists this year include:


From left: Jody McKone of Twigs and Blossoms, Michael Peterson of Beaux Arbres Basketry, Tammy Roggie of Visionary Art

For a Studio Tour Map and details of all participating studios and locations of guest artists, see the Madawaska Valley Studio Tour website:

Anyone touring the Valley this weekend who is interested in sustainable living can combine visits to artists’ studios with the Natural Homes Tour on September 30 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. The Natural Homes Tour includes two off-grid passive solar homes open to the public in the Killaloe-Wilno-Barry’s Bay area. For details see the map on the Ontario Natural Building Coalition website:


  1. Jackie Aerts

    We are very fortunate to live in the Madawaska Valley amongst such a talented group of artists. The Art Tours allow us to truly appreciate the diverse artists and natural beauty of the area.

    • Glenn Allen

      Seems a shame there isn’t a gallery in the vicinity that would provide rotating exposure to the wonderful talents hereabouts.
      Oh wait. There was one, wasn’t there, until thoughtless thugs gave it the boot. What stupidity!

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