Fund-raising update from Madawaska Valley students

Photo: Julia Beggs

The Students Activities Council (SAC) at Madawaska Valley District High School and Sherwood School organized a Terry Fox walk for both schools this fall. Our walk took place on September 27 and all students got out of their classes before lunch to participate. The high school raised a total of $236.50 and Sherwood raised some as well, amount to be confirmed later. Shown above: Tyler Foy and Rory Yantha leading our walking group in the Terry Fox Walk.

SAC also ran a Food Drive in both schools from September 24 to October 2, timed to happen before Thanksgiving. The students raised a total of more than 560 items for donation to the Madawaska Valley Food Bank.


Pictured above with the donated items are students Ryan Sommes (L), Julia Beggs, and Rebecca Jahoor. Photo: Rosemary Miller

Terry Newcombe, a volunteer with the MV Food Bank, responded to the donation with a big thank you.

This is exactly the kind of community support that is making the food bank so successful here in the Valley. What an education our kids are getting through their contributions to this drive, and it being a combined effort of both schools makes the message even stronger.

Mr Newcombe will also be thanking the students in person at a presentation he’ll be making at Sherwood soon, showing the kids where their donations go and how great the need still is.

In addition to the Food Drive and the Terry Fox Run, SAC is continuing with its Christmas card fund-raiser, with half the proceeds going to Bernadette McCann House women’s shelter in Pembroke.


About the author: Julia Beggs is in grade 11 at MVDHS. This is her second year on SAC and she looks forward to all of their future fundraisers, activities and events that will continue to connect MVDHS to our amazing community. When she’s not doing something for her school you can find her drawing, reading or planning children’s programs for the Madawaska Valley Public Library. 

Editor’s Note: This article has been updated to include the comment on behalf of the Madawaska Valley Food Bank.

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