It’s official: the new MV council

The Township of Madawaska Valley has now released the official results of the municipal election. Incumbent Mayor Kim Love has been re-elected, along with incumbent Councillors Carl Bromwich and Ernie Peplinski. MV voters also returned former mayor Dave Shulist to council, giving him the most votes of any of the councillor candidates. Mark Willmer is the newcomer to the MV council table but like all the councillors elected, he has previous council experience. Councillor Shelley Maika was not re-elected.


Declaration of Election Result released at 4:00 p.m. October 23 2018


Unofficial-count-MV-2018The Current understands that 3158 ballots in total were counted, from more than 5600 registered voters, for a turnout of almost 56 percent. As previously reported, voter turnout in MV for the last election was 62.76 percent.

It was a long night as upstairs in the Council Chambers candidates and their supporters chatted with the media about the lengthy wait. Unsubstantiated rumours suggested that the delay was due to Krispy Kreme donuts being served to the teams counting ballots downstairs. Meanwhile the election workers on the lower level of the municipal office were hard at work in close quarters to count the twelve ballot boxes in six separate rooms. The township office building does not have very many rooms large enough to hold five election workers plus eight scrutineers, and still have space for the ballot boxes – much less donuts. To relieve the cramped conditions some MV candidates had opted to waive their right to have scrutineers watch the count while others arranged for scrutineers to do double duty for multiple candidates. Around 12:30 a.m. the count was in.


A team of election workers with sealed box following the count.

It may have taken a few hours to achieve but the municipality returned an unofficial count on voting day, unlike the City of Pembroke, Town of Petawawa, Town of Renfrew, Township of Laurentian Valley and Township of Whitewater Region  where voting has had to be extended until 8:00 p.m. on October 23 due to issues with online voting. The MV election night proceeded smoothly without the fisticuffs that, according to media sources, were evident at Horton Township between two mayoral candidates.


  1. Carl Bromwich

    To Sue Klatt and right hand gals Michelle and Gwen, a big hats off! Also to all the officials who counted all night, many thanks for a professional election.
    We are blessed to have such dedicated people in this Township who care deeply about our community.
    As for my fellow candidates, well done folks, win or lose, you put yourself out there to get involved in making the Township of Madawaska Valley THE place to live and grow.
    May the next four years bring tremendous gains to our beautiful Valley!

    • Margy Krafchik

      Well said Carl, your professionalism is why you got our vote in the first place and this post serves to indicate that we made the right choice. Other candidates can learn from you. Margy Krafchik & James Wilson

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