Update: Pot shop poll

Nov. 27, 2018:

If you have not checked the results of this poll for some time you will see a significant change in the overall result. This is due to a recent audit of all votes. We had discovered some voting irregularities since certain individuals were casting multiple votes, including one who voted “No” 179 times.

An audit of the poll results has now been concluded and the correct results have been validated by an independent third party. If you have not yet voted you may now do so confident that you are contributing to an accurate representation of the views of our readers. Please note that only one vote per IP address is allowed, so if you inadvertently try to vote more than once it will not affect the total. Click HERE to vote and to see the up-to-date results of the Pot Shop Poll.

Thanks to the software developers at Your Own Programming (YOP) and also to Bernadine Roslyn at AlgonquinEast.com for website assistance.

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