Announcement – pot shop poll

One of the first decisions the new council will have to make is whether to allow cannabis retailers to set up shop in the township. Some municipalities, for example Markham, Richmond Hill, Perth and Oakville, have already announced that they do not intend to allow this. Readers of The Current’s Town Hall forum will know that we have asked MV candidates for their personal views.

Now our readers can add their views anonymously by participating in our first online poll below:


Should Madawaska Valley allow cannabis retailers (pot shops) within its boundaries?




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  2. nat hall

    I am for it and agree , this area has always been know to grow excellent pot , we need the jobs . It really does not matter , you can get anything you want at the reserve including edibles . Our biggest issue would be No natural gas pipeline in the area to heat the green houses / buildings. Now I can here the groups of No Sayers , but these buildings are enormous and would pay not only employee,s but good land based taxes to the area . It is a legal product get used to it !

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  5. Paul O’Marra McElhinney

    Since Killaloe is “World Famous” (LOL) for its quality weed let Killaloe and Golden Lake also be the profit makers then. I have no idea why there isn’t a government licenced and approved growing facility there already. That would improve the area economy, employ people, grow the tax base! Get on the weed train before it passes folks. Opportunity knocks. Some slam the door shut and others who are progressive thinkers open that door.

  6. Don Webb

    Killaloe has a strong cultural tradition with weed which is world famous. Barrys Bay would destroy anyone who dared open a shop here. Heck, look what happened with the taxi service not long ago. That was just a taxi. Besides Pikwakanagan has the market cornered locally.
    Smoke Signals being by far the best quality IMO.

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