CBC interviews David Shulist about the Valley’s Kashubs

MV Councillor David Shulist was recently interviewed on CBC Radio’s Saturday morning program In Town and Out. CBC producer Jessa Runciman (shown above in the studio with Shulist, holding an example of traditional Kashubian embroidery) interviewed Shulist about his book Discovering Kashubia Europe, the  Fatherland of  my  Kashubian ancestors. 

In his book which was published in 2018, Shulist tells the story of the Kashub people who settled in the Madawaska Valley. He explained to Runciman during the radio interview how he came to learn about his Kashubian ancestry. He said local Kashub people never  knew that the language they speak today is not a dialect of any other language, but a Slavic language that stands on its own, called Kashubian. He called it a tale of a stolen identity.

Shulist, who is often known locally as “Johnny Kashub” in recognition of his enthusiastic promotion of Kashubian heritage, told The Current,

I was honoured to promote our local Kashubian heritage. Going National feels great.

The Current is pleased to provide a live link to the interview for readers who missed the broadcast on January 5 or who want to hear it again. Click HERE to listen to In Town And Out: Kashubs in the Valley.



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