OPP schools broomball tournament at Wilno and Killaloe

The 44th annual OPP/Schools Broomball Tournament took place on February 6 at Wilno and Killaloe Rinks. Five local schools participated: Killaloe PS, Palmer Rapids PS, St. Andrews, St. John Bosco, St. Michaels. George Vanier originally planned to participate but was unavailable when the tournament had to be re-scheduled because of last month’s extreme cold weather.

Cst. Catherine Yarmel, OPP Media Relations, organized the tournament. Yarmel expressed thanks to everyone involved in the event, especially the students and their coaches for their participation. The many volunteers she acknowledged included Joanne Plebon, Wilno Rink, the Township of Killaloe, Killaloe Rink, Lions Club members for the free hot dog lunch to students, and the Killaloe PS Parent Council Canteen. She also had a special note of thanks to referees Rick Klatt and George Brown, and to Brandon Ellis and his friend Danny Yantha. Ellis and Yantha were flooding the Killaloe Rink until midnight the night before and then attended in the morning with the Zamboni and shovels. They remained at the rink the whole day clearing snow.

Tournament results:

Wilno Rink

  • Bosco # 1 vs Bosco #2 … winner Bosco #1 (7 – 0)
  • Palmer PS vs Bosco # 1 … winner Bosco #1 3- 0)
  • Palmer vs Bosco # 2 … winner Bosco # 2 (1- 0)

Killaloe Rink

  • Andrews vs KPS … winner St. Andrews (4 – 0)
  • Mikes vs St. James … winner St. Mikes (5 – 0)
  • Mikes vs St. Andrews … winner St. Andrews (1 – 0)
  • James vs KPS … winner St. James (1 – 0)

There was a Five Minutes Sudden Death 4 x 4 mixed game to see who entered the C championship game since Palmer PS and KPS tied …. Palmer PS advanced


C Champions Palmer Rapids PS: (From left) Front: Madison Marquardt, Hope Jessup, Kasia O’Brien, Kate MacGregor, Mya Stein; Middle: Sebastian Kozanski, Cade Mazurski, Ryan Kargus, Riley Hill, Owen Genrick, Brady McCormack; Back: Wyatt Keller, Curtis Fabian, Asher Jessup


  • C championship game: Palmer PS vs St. James….winner Palmer PS (4 – 0)
  • B championship game: St. Mikes vs Bosco #2….winner St. Mikes (1 – 0)
  • A championship game: St. Andrews vs Bosco #1….winner St. Andrews (2 – 1)

Yarmel said,

To ensure the kids had a great broomball day, [it was] as always a team, and community effort!


Featured photo: Some of the Dads who helped clear the ice surface

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  1. Carl Bromwich

    Broomball is alive and well in the Valley again! Such a great sport and these young ones will have lifetime memories to carry with them through life. I remember back in the 80’s when the Mountain Men from Killaloe, the OPP, Madawaska and Whitney and Rankin along with the Wilno Boys and Gals hosted weekly games and tournaments throughout our Canadian winters which made us look forward to cold temps and warm drinks!
    Way to go folks! Another culturally rich mainstay of our beautiful way of life!

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