Sale of ski hill completed

Updated Feb. 17 2019: After publication of the article below, we received the following information from the new owner’s representative in Toronto:

Unfortunately it will not be a commercial ski operation. I am sorry to let you know that. But the owner is very respectful about the local sentiment and will keep it almost as is so that locals and visitors can stay there and still enjoy the property and the view. I will keep you updated within [a] few months.

Original article of Feb. 15 follows:

For weeks rumours have been circulating that a purchaser had been found for the former Mount Madawaska ski resort. The Current can now confirm, having spoken to representatives of both parties, that a sale was completed earlier this week. The identity of the purchaser has not yet been revealed and The Current has not been able to confirm rumours that it was sold to a non-resident of Canada who has purchased it to use as a “getaway.”

If that rumour is true, then this local recreational landmark’s days are numbered as a ski venue for the foreseeable future. It was first used as such about fifty years ago and since then it has undergone numerous changes of ownership and periods of disuse. More recently, an attempt was made to salvage its availability for ski enthusiasts when MV Township leased it in 2009. That arrangement ceased in 2012 when it was sold to private owners who operated it for a year before closing it down. It was put it up for sale in 2014 but despite some interest from time to time it remained unsold until this week.


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  1. mike Carty

    I just found out the hill was closed through this article. I was quite disappointed to hear this as I was considering purchasing it and saw a lot of potential in a year round use for the facility, which would have been great for the community. I’ve never lived in the area, but given the existing setup and zoning, it could have turned into many things, I think it just needed the right vision to draw more people. Sad to see it just sitting there after it brought many memories to so many.

  2. I grew up skiing at Mount Madawaska, and my parents owned a share in the Co-op. I’m sad to see that it will never likely be a ski hill again, but it provided an incredible environment for kids and families, and I’m thankful that I got to spend time there. Running a cooperative ski hill is hard. I’m on the board of Mad River Glen in Vermont, which is North America’s most successful ski area cooperative and the points many of you have made are quite valid, especially around the capital infrastructure considerations. Nothing will replace our memories of Mount Madawaska, but the spirit lives on at places like Mad River and other community ski hills.

    I’m thinking of skinning up Mount Madawaska in the next couple of years if the new ownership is makes it accessible to visitors. I’d love to get one last run down Eliminator and Sundance before they’re completely grown over!

  3. Paul Gordon

    kinda sad. Even without snowmaking and a chairlift the ski resort could have been profitable. Simple just open on weekends, holidays and March break. Mont Chilly in the Pontiac is still running with no snowmaking, almost zero grooming and just a T-bar. It’s open this weekend April 6-7th.

  4. I respect the fact the new owners will still allow access to locals and tourists. Its too bad the ski hill will be no more but I understand the reasons for it and the prohibitive cost of making it successful as a ski hill. I hope they follow through with that promise. Welcome to the area whoever you are!

  5. william shulist

    There is a certain sense of peace that it has been sold, always a shame to pass by and see it not used. Things change and evolve and we have to accept that. I too have great memories of the Ski Hill with many hours spent on those slopes. I hope only the best for the new owners.

    • Elizabeth Shokder

      I like Lynne’s positivity and realism. I really think it’s a great way to boost tourism in the community despite it not opening as a ski hill again. I have heard nothing but great things about the new owners even poshing up the place and still keep the environment friendly for nature. I do not think it matters even if it was a foreigner who purchased it as the place would look a lot more inviting and attractive. Small towns should be very happy anyone is investing in their community in a positive way especially if it is family oriented like this case.

  6. David Goulet

    What might still work, possibly even is in the works by this buyer, is a private ski hill/club. These are common now in Ontario. they run like private golf courses, but with skiing. Many such courses do open up to local skiers on off days to supplement revenue. Imagine a private ski hill for the out-of-town wealthy (bringing in tax dollars etc) but with some allowance for local skiers to utilize it. Apparently March break and Xmas are times when most private users are off somewhere tropical, so they open it up to the locals. Dare to dream.

  7. Jennifer Orr

    Unfortunately to operate it again as a ski hill a huge investment of money would have been required to upgrade the lift, add snowmaking and renovate the lodge. Years ago the population base was much younger. The line ups were mostly children and younger adults. Most new residents of the area are retirees not young families with children. Madawaska Valley doesnt have the population base to support a ski hill that makes money. The winters are no longer predictable with consistent snow and cold. This winter being an exception. I am sorry for all of this. I spent my childhood at Mount Madawaska. I had a great outdoor activity to keep me out of trouble, my parents knew where I was and what I was doing and they could always count on getting me a seasons pass for Christmas. I will always have fond memories of good times with friends and the MVDHS ski team. So long Mount Madawaska.

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