Thank a snowplow driver

To the Editor:

In my Grade 1/2 classroom in Palmer Rapids, we have been learning about citizenship and what it means to be a good citizen. My students have decided that people who help other people are good citizens. While there are many obvious people and occupations that come to mind when you think about who is a ‘good’ citizen, there is one profession which, in the midst of our Canadian winters, is necessary but often taken for granted.

With all of the snow that has fallen this winter and all of the days we have missed at school, it is the snowplow operators who have made it possible for us to get to school on all of the other days. Often, they are not appreciated for the job they do because they drive slowly or they pile snow at the end of driveways when they go by. But what if they didn’t do their jobs at all? These are some of the conversations my students have had about snowplow drivers.

They have also learned that one of the things ‘we’ can do as good citizens is to write a letter. So they have written letters to all snowplow drivers to let them know how much they are appreciated for the job they do. Copies of these letters have been delivered to the surrounding township offices. They have learned to draw snow plows, and asked the entire school to vote on one drawing to be printed on business cards with a simple note of thanks. These cards will be given out to all Palmer Rapids students who will, in turn,  give them to anyone they know who drives a plow truck and moves snow to help the rest of us get where we need to go.


Thank you card (Image by Gracie Stoppa)

On Monday, March 4th, we visited the Brudenell, Lyndoch & Raglan Township office and Alvin Kauffeldt and Charlie Behm answered a lot  of our questions about snowplows. (Featured photo above: Palmer Rapids PS Gr. 1/2 students pose with the Brudenell, Lyndoch & Raglan Twp. snowplow.  All photos submitted.)

Below are some of the letters written by my students in Grade 1 and 2 to snowplow drivers. And the next time you see a plow truck on the road, remember to be thankful.


Bonnie Summers

Grade 1/2 Teacher — Palmer Rapids Public School

Dear Snowplow Driver:

I think your job is good, and I hope people thank you or else cars and trucks and people would not be safe. And I hope people thank you a lot or else the roads will get lots of snow.

From Izabella, Grade 1

Dear Snowplow Driver:

I believe that you are a very good citizen to keep us safe on the roads so we can go to school and you save hundreds of lives. Do you get up at 1:00 a.m. in the morning? Your job is important even though people get mad at you. I like your job.

From Isaiah, Grade 1

Dear Snowplow Driver:

I think your job is great. First, you plow the roads so people are safe. Second, you must like your job because you plow the roads. Third, you must care about kids because you plow the bus roads. Fourth, you must get yelled at because you plow in front of people’s driveways. Fifth, you must like your job because you help people. Sixth, you must be lonely when you are plowing the roads at night.

From Jayde, Grade 2

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