Dr. Jack Kitts Order of Canada

dr-jack-kitts-the-ottawa-hospitalBarry’s Bay native, Dr. Jack Kitts, President and CEO of The Ottawa Hospital (TOH), was named a Member of the Order of Canada last July. Click HERE to read full story.  Dr. Kitts’ investiture took place at TOH on March 14. The TOH announcement said the “honour recognizes and celebrates Dr. Kitts’s strong leadership at The Ottawa Hospital and within Ontario’s healthcare system.” (Photo: The Ottawa Hospital)


OPP warns about 911 pocket-dials and hang-up calls

The Huntsville detachment of the OPP asks, “What do your pockets, purses and backpacks have in common? Perhaps their ability to call 911 without you knowing it.” During the past week in Huntsville alone there were 25 such calls. The OPP reminds cellphone owners to check with their cellphone provider on how to lock a phone so that it doesn’t dial 911 inadvertently. They also remind parents that a cellphone is not a “babysitter” and allowing your child to play with it risks them inadvertently dialling 911.


also on the subject of cellphones …


Cellphone ban

The provincial government announced this week that as part of its “Education that works for you” plan, with effect from September 2019 it is updating the provincial Code of Conduct to ban cellphone use in schools during instructional time. Cellphone use will be permitted during instructional time for educational purposes (as directed by the educator), health and medical purposes, or special education needs.


Albertans now have online access to health records

Residents of Alberta will now be able to follow their health history and access medical records using a new online system. Once users sign up for a secure digital ID, they will have access to lists of medications and immunizations, as well as the results of 59 of the most common laboratory tests. Alberta Health plans to add more features providing even greater access in the future. Quebec has also recently announced that it will provide a similar service to its residents starting this summer. eHealth Ontario has previously announced that digital access to health information is a priority but no timeline has yet been given.


MV faces water meter replacement

At the Mar. 5 Council in Committee (CiC) meeting a delegation from Neptune Technology Group explained that the Township’s existing water meters had outlived their warranty as they were four years beyond the projected battery life. Ben Van Mierlo and Frank Buehler said MV uses Version 1 software while the company now operates Version 4 which allows for greater efficiency and access to detailed information. They explained the most efficient way to accomplish a water meter replacement project and suggested project timing to allow the cost to be shared across two fiscal years. CiC decided to bring this item forward to budget deliberations.


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