Kashubian Nation wins Nations Cup of curling

Hockey was not the only heritage sporting competition in the Valley recently. Here are the results of the Heritage Curling held during March:

Nations Cup results:

  • The Kashubian Nation defeated the German Nation in the finals by a score of 4 to 3.
  • The Kashubian Nation won their pool by defeating the Wendish, Polish and Croatian Nations to advance to the finals.
  • The German Nation won their pool by defeating the French, Irish and Scottish Nations to advance to the  finals.

This year a new team, Croatian Nation, was added to the event thanks to the English Nation giving room for them. The Commissioner took advantage of this entry to place the Croatian Nation in a new pool called the Slavic Nations Division, with the other  Slavic Nations (Polish, Wendish and Kashubian). This led to a game within the games – a friendly competition between the Slavic Nations where the winner won the Slavic Nation Rock.


The Croatian Nation Team: Mary Crnkovich (left), Lucas Rosandic, Maya Rosandic , Nario Rosandic



Slavic Nations team coaches from left: Carson Fabian (Wendish), Joanne Murray (Polish), Mario Rosandic (Croatian), Ed Chippior (Kashubian)


Shown at top: The Kashubian Nation with the Slavic Nation Rock

All photos courtesy Johnny Kashub


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