Reader concerned about 5G technology

Dear Editor,

The rollout of 5G continues to be a priority of governments around the world, who assure us this technology is safe. At the same time, telecommunications industry officials admit there has been no industry testing of 5G to determine its biological effects on human, plant and animal life. There has been no risk assessment done on 5G frequencies whatsoever.

Since the deployment of 3G and 4G there’s been an exponential rise in neurological disorders, cancer rates, heart disease, dementias, miscarriage and infertility. Childhood leukemia, brain tumors and diabetes are now common disorders. Small bird and insect/pollinator colony collapse has been documented when these fragile life forms are exposed to 5G frequencies.

Microwave radiation, emitted from cellular transmitters, has been recognized as a Class ‘A’ carcinogen by the World Health Organization. And the problem is, biological systems don’t need a lot a microwave radiation before cellular and DNA damage occurs. This is one of the issues with the international regulatory guidelines. They are totally and absolutely ineffective.

Recently in Europe, the city of Brussels, as well as Rome’s Municipality XII (the Vatican’s administrative district) and Switzerland have all opted out of 5G, stating concerns over safety issues. 270 scientists from over 40 countries have made an appeal to the United Nations to place a moratorium on 5G until risk assessment can be made. The residents of Gateshead, England, in late 2018, won a court case against their municipal council. The radiation emitted from newly installed LED street lights and 5G transmitters on the street lamps in that town were found to be contributors to an array of debilitating physical, mental and emotional symptoms. Most insurance companies now exclude coverage of harm by electromagnetic fields, something our municipalities need to be aware of.

5G, promising faster communications and untold (and unknown) future applications, is a Trojan horse. It is the product of ignorance, incompetence and corruption. 5G is illegal. Its rollout is an international crime. Under international laws, we, the people, are obliged to act. Not acting is a crime.

What can we do? Research, inform ourselves. The scientific published research is widely available. Speak to our local, provincial and federal governments. Demand a moratorium is placed on the rollout of 5G until risk assessments on the technology can be properly done. If we can slow the advances of industry and governments, there is high probability that scientists can find ways to mitigate the hazardous effects of this technology. Let’s not rush the Trojan horse through the gates.

Astar (Lynn) Davis

Killaloe, Ontario


Photo: Skimel-wikimedia

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