Charges in fatal crash threaten to tear hockey-loving Ontario town apart

CBC News has today published an article under the above title. It discusses the fallout in Renfrew because of the charges laid against a bar server following the car crash that killed two Renfrew Timberwolves hockey players in October 2017. The Current reported on questions raised by the charges in an editorial on April 7. Click HERE to read.

The CBC reporter describes how Renfrew has become divided following the laying of the charges against Ann Senack. Some residents question how underage boys could have had access to alcohol at the bar and were then allowed to drive home. Others say the teenagers were solely responsible for their actions. A leading criminal defence lawyer is quoted as saying with reference to the charges, β€œIt would be precedent-setting in my view. It is rare because serving someone is lawful. Drinking is lawful.” He noted that it is also difficult to prove criminal negligence, offering the view that the facts will need to show that Senack knew the boys were underage, had no other way home and encouraged them to keep drinking anyway.

No Court date has yet been set for the trial.

Click HERE to read the full CBC article.

Photo: Renfrew Mercury

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