Still time to vote in opinion poll on transparency and accountability

You still have the opportunity to vote in The Current’s opinion poll which opened on May 11. Poll results to date reflecting readers’ opinions on transparency and accountability are shown below.

Please note that only one vote per IP address is allowed, so if you inadvertently try to vote more than once it will not affect the total. Also, the comments section below can be used to give additional feedback on these, or any other comments about accountability and transparency.

Choose a radio button to answer each of four questions and then press the VOTE button below.

1. Do you agree that time should be reserved at each Council meeting for a public/media question period?
2. If you answered Yes, do you agree that MV Council should, like Hastings Highlands, have two question periods: one at the beginning and one at the end of meetings?
3. Do you prefer that Council meetings take place in the evening?
4. Do you agree with this statement? “If public money is spent, it should be public information.”

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