June 10

Please respect the flashing green light

Volunteer firefighters en route to an emergency display a flashing green light. In Ontario some 19,000 volunteer firefighters drive their own personal vehicles and use these flashing green lights. While not mandatory (yet), fire departments ask that you respect the flashing green and pull over or yield to let the vehicles go by.


Catch The Ace update

Week 8 winner, Dianne Dunne, scooped a prize of $1,781 on June 6 as Envelope No. 5 contained the Jack of Clubs, not the Ace of Spades which has evaded capture yet again. There’s still time to buy a ticket for Week 9 when (based on average ticket sales) the estimated weekly winnings will be $1,877 and the estimated progressive jackpot will total $23,248.50 for a total win of $25,125.50 if your ticket is drawn and the Ace of Spades is revealed.


Local organizations get a kick from Combermere Martial Arts Club

The Combermere Martial Arts Club has awarded $1,000 to local non-profit groups in its recent competition. Club students and volunteer instructors helped decide the winners based on written entries from organizations about how the money would be spent. Club Treasurer Yvette Boudreau-Smith said the entries were very compelling and it was tough to decide. She said, “We are so pleased to contribute to our community.” First prize of $500 went to the Madawaska Valley Food Bank. Second prize of $250 will help the Madawaska Valley Public Library run its “Knights in the Classroom” program in July. Library CEO Karen Filipkowski thanked the Club saying the Library “is very excited about hosting a medieval event.” Third prize of $250 was won by Barry’s Bay and Area Seniors Home Support.


Pembroke Fiddle Club

Listen up if you’re a fiddler or a jammer, says local musician Ken Ramsden. Come on out to the Pembroke Fiddle Club Jam on Tuesdays from 7 to 9 p.m. The session is free and takes place at Riverview Heights, 400 Bell St., Pembroke.

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