RV fire was quickly doused but MV Fire Chief has advice

If an RV catches fire, get away as quickly as possible. Find a hole or a low area to hide in as there are usually propane tanks inside. If they explode, they send pieces of metal everywhere. The other thing is that due to the construction of this type of vehicle they are very toxic. They are full of plastic, furniture, and other things you require for a shelter to live. When you notice thick black smoke stay clear of it because this is what kills people.

Sober words of advice from Madawaska Valley Fire Chief Corwin Quade. Quade says that Saturday’s RV fire at 47 Bay Street in Barry’s Bay was extinguished in 20 minutes. Two trucks (a pumper and an equipment truck from North Hall) and eleven firefighters (nine from North Hall and two from South Hall) were on the scene in less than five minutes from being dispatched. Firefighters stayed on scene for an hour to ensure everything was under control. No one injured and the fire was deemed as accidental and not suspicious.

Quade said that before the Fire Department arrived, four loud bangs were heard around the village due to the 5 lb. propane cylinders located in the closet of the vehicle along with a can of gasoline. Firefighters used water to cool a 30 lb. tank under the truck. He told The Current that after the Fire Department responded to an RV fire last year he found pieces of metal from two 30 lb. propane tanks embedded in trees 400 feet away.

The RV on Bay Street, which was located a mere 10 feet from an apartment building, was fully engulfed when the department arrived at 1:52 p.m. on June 8. Radiant heat from the fire caused cracks in the windows in the apartment located 20 feet from the vehicle. Due to the speed of response and extinguishing of the vehicle fire no other major damage was done to any other buildings.

One of the firefighters was in Combermere on a motorcycle riding when the call came in, He could see the black smoke from there as he responded to the call, as could the OPP responding from Killaloe Detachment.

Quade,C. Madawaska Valley Fire Department (2019,June10) 47 Bay Street Barry’s Bay Vehicle Fire [press release].

Photo: Mark Woermke


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