Extreme heat warning from Renfrew County District Health Unit

A media release received today from the County’s Communications and Emergency Preparedness Co-ordinator, Melissa Botz, says an extreme heat event has been issued for Renfrew County and District. It is important to take steps to prevent heat-related illness during this heat event. Extreme heat can put everyone at risk from heat related illness, however older adults, infants and young children, people with
chronic health conditions, people who work or exercise in the heat, homeless people and low-
income earners are at greatest risk.

Renfrew County and District Health Unit recommends taking the following actions to stay cool:

• Drink plenty of cool liquids, especially water, before feeling thirsty.
• Wear loose-fitting, light-coloured clothing made of breathable fabric.
• Take a cool shower or bath until you feel refreshed.
• Take a break from the heat by spending a few hours in a cool place such as a
shopping mall, local library or community centre.
• Avoid sun exposure. Shade yourself by using a wide-brimmed hat or umbrella.
• Reschedule or plan outdoor activities during cooler parts of the day.

Look for signs and symptoms of heat illness:

• Dizziness or fainting.
• Nausea or vomiting.
• Headache.
• Rapid breathing and heartbeat.
• Extreme thirst.
• Decreased urination with unusually dark yellow urine.

If you experience any of these symptoms during extreme heat, immediately move to a cool
place and drink liquids. Water is best. If you don’t feel better soon, seek medical help

For additional tips on how to stay safe and what to do during an extreme heat-related
emergency, click HERE to visit the Renfrew County and District Health Unit website.   


Botz,M. Renfrew County and District Health Unit, (2019,July4) Extreme Heat Warning [media release]


Photo Luis Graterol on Unsplash

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