MV Public Library holds second Community Forum

In 2014 Madawaska Valley Public Library held its first Community Forum when individuals and community groups were asked to assist in composing the Library’s Five Year Strategic Plan. It was great to get to know users better and to understand more completely the needs of the community. We put the helpful suggestions to good use and implemented changes where we could. But time passes and our Five Year Plan has run its course so we are back asking you to contribute your ideas and aspirations for our new Plan.

If you’re a user of the Library you will know that it is a converted office block which doesn’t allow for expansion or much modification. This is the only free public area in Barry’s Bay where you can be warm in winter, and bug-free and cool in the summer while you plan your next decorating job, study for the course you want to pass, bring your children to an activity, where you can pass an exam, pick up a DVD, listen to a local author or even select your next mind altering read. Anyone and everyone is welcome, at no charge, while the Library is open. You cannot say that for any other space in the town.

So … why do we want your opinions? Because we realize that the Library can and should offer more to its patrons than it presently does but we do not have the facilities or the space to expand. We want to refurbish or build anew to give Barry’s Bay the sort of facility it would like. Which is where you come in. The Board and the Library Staff know what they would like but how about you? You’re the patron, you’re the one who might like to see more or different or better.

So bring us your ideas on July 17th 7-9pm at the Opeongo Seniors’ Centre, 19 Stafford Street, Barry’s Bay. This is a brain storming session from which we will draw the next Five Year Strategic Plan – it will shape the future of the Library. See you there.

You may have seen Library Board members at the Barry’s Bay Farmers Market asking people to complete Library survey forms. (Shown at top: Library Board members Natalie Barrington (left) and Frances Mawson, with Council representative Mark Willmer)

If you missed us at the market or cannot attend the July 17 session, please click HERE for a copy of the Library Survey form.   Completed surveys can be dropped off at the Madawaska Valley Public Library at 19474 Opeongo Line (Hwy 60) in Barry’s Bay. 

About the author: Frances Mawson is Chair of the Madawaska Valley Public Library Board.

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