Fire Chief salutes fire-fighting members of public

Madawaska Valley Fire Chief Corwin Quade wants to thank quick-thinking members of the public who helped prevent the spread of a ditch fire on July 26. Six trucks and sixteen fire fighters attended the wild fire at the intersection of Byers Road and Combermere Road, after the alarm was raised by a passing motorist who saw fire burning in the south ditch. Quade said,

As I pulled up to the fire I could see about 20 people stop along the road. They were extinguishing the fire and preventing the spread of the fire. These people were amazing as if it was not for their quick actions, this could have turned into something huge. There is a Pine Plantation less than 75 feet from the fire. If it would have gotten into that we would have been in big trouble. I would like to say to whoever helped out, thanks so much. It was greatly appreciated.

Quade arrived with the North Hall rescue truck and used a pack can to extinguish the logs and edge of the fire. The South Hall arrived and watered down the entire area. The Fire Department was on the scene for about 40 minutes and used 1000 gallons of water to soak the area. The fire covered an area approximately 150 feet by 30 feet.

Cigarette caused fire

The Fire Chief said the fire was caused by a carelessly discarded cigarette he found at the edge of the shoulder. This call arrived less than 24 hours into MV’s total Fire Ban. He urges members of the public to be vigilant during the ban as “Things are extremely dry.”


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