Reader says leadership needed on our climate crisis

It seems that leadership in the battle against climate change and environmental degradation will have to come from the grassroots level. For some of our elected officials, leadership in this battle plays second fiddle to political expediency.

On August 22, Watersheds Canada will be in the Barry’s Bay area in partnership with the Carson, Trout, Lepine and Greenan Lakes Association. Watersheds Canada will be making site visits to waterfront properties and designing planting plans along with the property owners. Several members of our Association are providing much needed leadership by planting native plants on their waterfront properties as part of an offer from Watersheds Canada. These plantings help absorb runoff and keep excess nutrients from entering the lakes, they help reduce erosion, they naturally capture carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, they provide wildlife habitat. Healthy shorelines are needed to protect water quality, fish habitat and, did I mention property values? We all have a duty of care to preserve our natural environment (probably our most important asset in the Madawaska Valley) in a healthy state for our grandkids and their grandkids.

Now to get all of our elected officials on board and even leading the way.

Al Best,

Barry’s Bay


Photo Harrison Haines


  1. Bill Sparling

    Utter nonsense. The entire ball of snakes that is the CAGW set of hypotheses (relabeled as “Climate Change” for those who do not understand what legitimate science is) has been conclusively disproved repeatedly. It is political NOT scientific.

  2. nat hall

    You step on my property I would look into charging you ! Dunno about the statement ” For some of our elected officials, leadership in this battle plays second fiddle to political expediency. ” I am sure she tried to take her muzzle off and offer her new sign to this group but……. One other thing All you tree huggers on these lakes ya know how to improve the environment replace all your septic systems if you even have a true one some are 50 gallon barrels . You all know how old your cottages are ….Ya so is your septic and if it is being used right and functioning correct are the weepers after 50 plus years still doing there jobs ? How about we spend your money for a change eh . We will send the inspector around eh check your system see if there any non-permit buildings around ya know maybe illegal docks ect ect !

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