Changing political landscape offers opportunity in the Valley says Eileen Jones-Whyte

Thanks to a wildly changing local political landscape, voters in Renfrew-Nipissing-Pembroke finally have a real chance to unseat Cheryl Gallant as their MP, says the NDP’s Eileen Jones-Whyte. Above: Eileen Jones-Whyte makes a point at the Grey Sisters’ residence in Pembroke. (photo submitted)

With a divided vote on the political Right in the riding and the surging popularity of NDP leader Jagmeet Singh, she says it’s an opportunity to “replace someone who has shown disrespect for voters and fuelled fear and division.”

“As Jagmeet says, ‘Fear has never changed a thing. But hope has.’ As an active volunteer in the community and a teacher of over 25 years, I have seen the struggles of families trying to get by on so little. I have also seen how supporting people can lift them up and help them fulfill their potential.

“Investments in people help individuals and create a richer and more caring society.”

She says the NDP reflects the Ottawa Valley way of life. “We do not stand by and watch others struggle. We look after each other.”

The NDP, she says, will deliver on six important promises, whether “we form government or the balance of power.”

First is a national universal pharmacare plan and a national dental care plan. “Families should not have to choose between medication and food,” she says.

Ensuring the super-wealthy pay their fair share by introducing a super wealth tax, closing tax loopholes, and ending giveaways to the richest companies is a high priority. “This will enable us to take bold and concrete action to fight the climate crisis,” she says. “It’s the biggest, most urgent challenge of our time.”

Ms. Jones-Whyte is passionate about the need to make housing affordable again. “Cheryl Gallant says housing is not a problem in our riding,” she says. “Tell that to the young families trying find a home on a minimum wage or a senior on a pension.”

Similarly, she and the NDP want to give more people the chance for better work opportunities by reducing student debt. “Student debt is forcing students I know to leave school. We know the consequences of that.”

Finally, the NDP has pledged to bring down the cost of cellular and internet access. “Service in rural and isolated areas like ours is too expensive,” she says. “The NDP will ensure people here pay a fair price.”

Theilheimer,I.(2019,Oct.11) Changing political landscape offers opportunity in the Valley – Eileen Jones-Whyte [media release]

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