More than 70 Ontario residents identified as victims of Iran plane crash

As more details have been released in the aftermath of the Ukrainian International Airlines crash on Wednesday, the impact on communities across Canada is now being fully realized. As many of the victims were university faculty members and students, including Carleton University and University of Ottawa, the country’s academia is mourning the many holes that have been created in their institutions. The victims also included medical practitioners, whole families with small children, newlywed couples. CBC has published details of all the Canadian victims that have so far been identified – here is a link to its list, identified by province.  Pictured above from top left: Fereshteh Maleki, Alireza Pey, Mehraban Badiei, Fareed Arasteh, Mansour Pourjam, Alma Oladi, Saeed Kashani and Roja Azadian, are among the people with close ties to Ottawa who died in the Ukraine International Airlines crash on Jan. 8, 2020. Photo: CBC News

Almost all of the victims were of Iranian origin, and their friends’ and relatives’ grief will have been intensified by the news that Iran has this morning admitted that the plane was brought down by one of its own missiles. After first denying there was any truth to the growing evidence that that had indeed been the cause, Iranian President Hassan Rouhanni said that “missiles had been fired due to human error” and he described the crash as an “unforgiveable mistake.” Later Iran’s Foreign Minister tried to place some of the blame on the United States saying on Twitter that the disaster was “caused by US adventurism.”

Following the admission of fault, Prime Minister Trudeau in a statement described the crash as a “national tragedy” and demanded “transparency and justice for the families and loved ones of the victims.” He added, “We will continue working with our partners around the world to ensure a complete and thorough investigation.”



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