County-wide ride share one step closer

Last week the County of Renfrew Property and Development Committee was advised that the long awaited launch of its ride-sharing tool, which will be called “ShareTheRide,” will happen in the next month or so. As The Current reported on October 24th 2019, the County’s Economic Development Department has been investigating ride-sharing options available through RideShark. Alistair Baird, Manager of Economic Development Services and Tourism, said, “RideShark is a program that we found as we tried to address the problem of rural transportation.” 

With the RideShark system, employers can set up a secure portal where employees can find carpooling options to get to and from work. But the system is also available for individual users who need either regularly-scheduled commutes or one-off rides. Carpooling is not the only option available as the system will also pair users who want company on a cycling trip or walking route.

Anyone offering or looking for rides can register now for an online account at  Users must be at least 18 years of age, and must provide personal details such as a photo, gender, whether or not they smoke, etc.  For ShareTheRide to  match a user with a ride or passenger, the system need the start and end addresses of the trip and scheduling details.  Users will soon be able to download a mobile app from either Google or Apple.


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