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The Current has received the following letter from a reader:

Don’t Hesitate, Your Food Bank Is Here
Going to a food bank for the first time may not be an easy thing. Asking for help never is. This may be the first time you realized that there just isn’t enough money coming in to feed your family healthy foods. That’s why the Madawaska Valley Food Bank is here.
You can drop in for just a single visit, or until your hard times become less so. We’re open on the second and fourth Tuesday of every month, 9:30-11:30 a.m., to all residents in phone exchanges 756, 758, and 637. (Visit the Killaloe Food Bank if you’re in 757.) We’ll bring the food right to your car, reducing virus risks.
We all need help sometimes. Remember, your neighbours gave us this food to give to you. Please let them help you. Your community is here for you.
Terry Newcombe
MV Food Bank volunteer, “Neighbours Helping Neighbours”
Barry’s Bay

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