Poetry for Good Friday

On this Good Friday 2020, The Current publishes this poem by a reader.


My Crucified Saviour

I placed my hand on His cheek

To wipe away the tears

Then pulled back rather quickly

When I heard the people jeer


I saw Him as He carried a cross

That seemed so hard to bear

I wanted so much to help Him

Yet I was stopped by fear


I saw Him as He stumbled and fell

In pain upon the ground

I really tried to give Him my hand

But the crowds had gathered round


Then I heard loud shouts and cries

We want Him crucified

From the many people

Who would not be denied


They didn’t stop with word

Until the deed was done

And much too late they realized

This was God’s only Son


Sorrow came and filled their hearts

Which made them hide in shame

For then they knew for certain

Their sins were all to blame


Now tears ran down my face

My heart wrenched with pain

As I realized His sacrifice

Had not been done in vain


Cause it was done for the love of me

And all of mankind

He took the suffering on Himself

So as not to make it mine


I am so grateful

That now my eyes do see

He gave all He had

To save you and me.



Donna Melanson   2020


photo pixabay


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