Trudeau hits viral jackpot again with pregnant pause


Yesterday the international media had a field day with yet another Trudeau/Trump video “moment” that has gone viral. This follows two notorious instances of our Prime Minister filmed acting in ways that were interpreted as ridiculing the American president. The first was in August 2019 when he was filmed standing next to Melania Trump who appeared to be fixing him with an adoring gaze and on the point of kissing him. Her back was to her husband who, standing next to her, gave every appearance of being, well, pissed. (Photo above The Guardian) The next one occurred at Buckingham Palace in December when Trudeau was filmed standing in a group with British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, French President Emmanuel Macron talking about Trump in what was later confirmed to be a “mocking” fashion.

And now, in what might be perceived as the pièce de résistance, Trudeau, at his daily briefing on the pandemic, took twenty-one seconds to answer a reporter’s question about Trump’s use of tear gas against protesters for a photo opportunity the day before. If any reader has not seen it, here it is:

Source: CBC News

The question that cries out to be answered from his heavily pregnant pause was whether he was conscientiously collecting his thoughts before giving a response to what undoubtedly was a loaded question or, on the other hand, seizing the opportunity to condemn Trump’s actions by letting his extended silence do the talking for him.There are some visual clues that suggest that it was more  likely the latter, at least in this observer’s view.

Either way, Trudeau cannot be anything but delighted for the opportunities provided by Trump that feature him in memes that have been watched by many millions across the world — truly a politician’s dream.


  1. Christina Bialy

    Justin Trudeau, who was a Drama teacher, couldn’t read his cue cards, cat caught his tongue, CLULESS, stage fright??? That was the best MIME, he ever performed! BRAVO!!!

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