“Dr. Jack” retires from The Ottawa Hospital

Barry’s Bay native, Dr. Jack Kitts, officially retires as President and CEO of The Ottawa Hospital (TOH) on June 29 2020, bringing to “a close a significant chapter in our hospital’s story,” said Tim Kluke, President and CEO of the TOH Foundation. He goes on, “Throughout his career spanning over 30 years, Dr. Kitts has led the hospital through a significant period of change. Under his leadership, Dr. Kitts has built an institution recognized globally as a leader in cutting-edge research and exceptional patient care.” The Current reported on Dr. Kitts’ Order of Canada appointment in 2018. Click HERE to read Mark Woermke’s story of Dr. Kitts’ roots in Barry’s Bay. 

TOH Foundation has released Dr. Kitts’ farewell video message to supporters and donors. In it, Dr. Kitts acknowledged & thanked donors for their generosity and support in helping to build a world-class hospital at TOH. He said, “You’ve heard me say many times that you can’t have a great hospital without great community support. You’ve also heard me say that if you or a loved one are really, really sick you should expect and receive world-class care here in Ottawa.” Dr. Kitts then gave his recipe for attracting the best and brightest doctors and healthcare professionals to provide that world class care to the people of Ottawa and the Valley:

  • World-class facilities
  • State-of-the-art equipment and technology
  • Investment in health research that makes a difference

The 4-min video by Dr. Kitts can be found at this link: https://youtu.be/IpxHJsWpYtE

Valley friends and family who know “Jackie” Kitts from his early years here will be moved by a TOH video on social media as hospital staff surprised him with a rousing send-off on Friday afternoon. 


The Current joins with friends and family in wishing Dr. Kitts a long and happy retirement.


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