Where there’s smoke there’s weed, writes Palmer Rapids resident

Letters to the Editor

To the editor:

Thank you for your recent coverage of the commercial marijuana operation in BLR. The last we heard back in 2018 was that BLR, after some public consultation, was not going to be a retail seller of marijuana. So you can imagine the surprise of residents when they learned of a commercial operation being put in on the site of the former Wingle Inn. Now — let’s not pretend this isn’t a complex issue. It is a legal product and it can have an economic development potential, but on the other hand we have to acknowledge that there are distinct issues with the growing of marijuana that make it far different than a traditional agricultural product. It should be the stuff that leads to raucous healthy debate, but no debate was had.  And if we hadn’t had one Councillor with the wherewithal to look out for the public interest we would never have heard anything about it. 

It all reminds me of a TV show from my youth …











Mike McCloskey

Palmer Rapids, ON.


Current reader has submitted his own graphics (above) to illustrate the points in his letter.

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