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To The Current:

I have been walking early every morning for years. My route is always the same and takes me down Cemetery Lane between St. Hedwigs church and the cemetery. Since mid-March I have picked up numerous bags of garbage. Every morning I find at least one or two Tim Hortons cups as well as water bottles and other garbage that people throw out from the windows of their vehicles. It must be the same person throwing out the Tim Hortons cups because I find them every morning. This morning I picked up three Tim’s cups, some other garbage that was thrown from a vehicle as well as a bag with a pair of used running shoes. A week or so ago someone took a dump beside the pavement leaving numerous wipes including the wipes container. Disgusting. How can people be so disrespectful? Whoever cleaned that up I thank you.

PLEASE TAKE YOUR GARBAGE WITH YOU. I’m tired of picking It up.


Shirley Murphy

Barry’s Bay


  1. Christine Otto

    My husband and I visit Barry’s Bay several times a year. We purchased a piece of property in the area over 30 years ago. I am sad to hear of the problem with people throwing away their garbage. This is an ongoing problem in the rural area where we live as well, just west of Toronto. It saddens me to think that people can be so disrespectful of others and of our environment. When we take our almost 2 year old twin granddaughters walking each evening, they point out the pieces of garbage (mostly fast food cups and bags) that people have thrown out car windows. Why drivers cannot hold onto these items until they arrive home and dispose of it properly is beyond me. I would love to find out who is doing this and deposit the items on their front lawn or in their mailbox!

  2. Shirley Murphy, I thank you for bringing this to our attention. Thank you!
    Tim Hortons used to have their cup disposal bin placed right alongside the in-car purchase line so that people could quickly get rid of their used Timmy cups right out their car window. However, they moved it, and right after that, I noticed Tim Horton cups all over the local roads. I ask management and the owners if they would put it back to where it was, and they said, NO!
    You see, it is free advertising for them to have their bright red cups all over the neighborhood. So maybe our township should charge them money for their free advertising on our roadways with their names on the cups.
    All of our hard-working local companies pay big money for their signs on the streets, so why not charge Tim Hortons to remove their cups-advertising or pay to collect the cups?
    I am sure our good Mayor Kim Love would love this idea as she is a neat, clean, and orderly woman and loves our community and wants to keep it looking respectable. Tim Hortons should either pay for what they are getting for free or clean up their act. Don’t get me wrong. I love their coffee, but I don’t like them, making our community look like a trash bin.
    On another note, the good Mayor Janice Visneskie of Killaloe, Hagarty, and Richards will clean up using volunteers on ATVs and side-by-sides to pick up debris from her community streets. She will be giving away big prizes to those participating. Thanks again, Shirley. You just made my day.

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