MV Food Bank announces no present need for donations

In what may be a surprising statement from a charity, Paul Thompson, acting president of Madawaska Valley Food Bank, said, “At present, we are not in need of new donations. To anyone who was considering donating to the food bank we say ‘Thank you, but we are ok right now. We have enough in the bank to see us through the winter.'”

The MV Food Bank would like to say a giant “THANK YOU” to the community for its generosity in the past eight months. “The support of the community has been overwhelming,” said Thompson.

He added, “While we have definitely seen an increased need for the food bank, the increased support has meant that the food bank has been able to meet that need. In fact, the generosity of the community, combined with government COVID-19 funding, means that the MV Food Bank is financially secure for the time being.”

No Radiothon in 2020

Besides advising the community that the food bank will be OK without the usual end-of-year donations, the food bank has also advised Moose FM that the food bank will take a break this year from the annual December Radiothon. “The Radiothon has been a big fundraiser for us in the past few years and although Moose FM has generously offered again this year, we told them we are ok this year,” Thompson said. He added that the food bank looks forward to resuming the Moose FM December Radiothon in the future.

“These difficult times have brought out the very best in our local community and the MV Food Bank is grateful for the truly remarkable support,” Thompson said.

Newcombe,T.(2020,Nov.8) MV Food Bank financially stable [media release]

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