Update from MV Friends of New Canadians

The Madawaska Valley Friends Of New Canadians group would like to thank all of those who helped support and settle the Alshhadat family into our community.  It would not have been possible without the many donations of money as well as the willingness to offer their time and effort. Above: the Alshhadat family celebrated their first Canada Day at the Barry’s Bay Legion. From left, Ayman, Marah, with children Sedrat, Mays, Imad.

We commend this community for the generous and kind welcome that was extended to the family during their time here.  The Alshhadat family is thankful for the opportunity to build a better future for themselves and their family. The family is now living in Ottawa near family members and close to a Syrian community. The Alshhadat family has positive memories of their time in Barry’s Bay and are gradually integrating into the Canadian mosaic.

MV Friends of New Canadians(2020,Dec.8)

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