My Gift

I have a gift
For You, Lord, this year.
It isn’t wrapped
In glittery cheer.

It’s not a package of any kind.
It’s a present I got
That’s truly mine.

It’s in being loving
To one and all,
Giving forgiveness

When they fall.

It’s in grace
Of being a human being,
To tolerate their errors
Without making a scene.

It’s in giving mercy
Which has been given to me.
I shall extend love –
The Master’s key.

I will show respect

To God and man
By reaching out to others;
Give a helping hand.

I will give my time;
Share from my wealth.
It is by kindness
Hard hearts will melt.

So, dear Lord,
It is in reverent fear
I ask you to accept my gift
With love this year.

Donna Melanson ©2020


image: Magi mosaic The Three Magi, Byzantine mosaic c.  565, Basilica of Sant’Apollinare Nuovo, Ravenna, Italy

Editor’s note: The Christian Feast of the Epiphany is traditionally celebrated on January 6th (Twelfth Day of Christmas) each year.

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