MV Food Bank says thank you

The year 2020 has brought out the best in our local community. “The
Madawaska Valley Food Bank is very grateful for the strong support
shown by the local community amidst all the challenges and difficulties of 2020,”
said Paul Thompson, acting president. “While we have seen an
increased need in the past year, the great community support has meant that we have been able to meet that need. We just want to say ‘Thank You’ to all the individuals, businesses and organizations who have responded so generously.”

One example of that increased need was last month’s Christmas food
bank session, where we had more people line up for food than at any
other time in our food bank’s history. Thanks to this community’s support,
we met that need and were also able to give all clients a choice of a
Christmas turkey or ham.

Recognizing the effects that the pandemic continues to have, in this past
year we have been able to increase the amount of meat, produce, and
dairy that our clients receive. We will continue this for the foreseeable
future, as always applying our policy to buy local. “What you give stays in
our community,”
explained Thompson.

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