Predictions for 2021

Whatever the means — prophecy, crystal ball, tarot cards, tea leaves, the Farmers’ Almanac, horoscopes, the i-Ching or just plain gut feeling — people can usually come up with some kind of prediction for the coming twelve months. Whether you set much store by this, of course, is a very different matter. The Current asked some of our regular contributors if they had any forecasts to share with you. The responses below range from leg-pulls to practical suggestions, and from human beings to alien life forms. Above from left: Violet Pinkerton, Anya Baklinski, Margot Pinkerton, Noah Baklinski welcoming the New Year at Rockingham. Photo Timothy J. Baklinski

Post-pandemic party pandemonium: Once this pandemic is over, we will have the biggest party the area has seen in a long time.

Madawaska Valley tops for medics: The medical system in our area will continue to get recognized as a top-notch place to learn and to practice medicine. We will continue to host many medical learners, and we will have continued good fortune in recruiting. 

Fitness lifestyle: Self-care is the new gym.

In at the deep end: Madawaska Valley Township Council will decide to build a swimming pool facility, especially for seniors. After all, seniors now make up a good percentage of the residents of the township. This important group requires some form of exercise to stay healthy and not all seniors are interested in skating at the arena. For sure, a swimming pool can lose money as easily as an arena. This kind of building might appeal to doctors who are considering Barry’s Bay as a good place to set up business.  Wouldn’t that be great for our community?

UFO Release: The US government has promised to release documented evidence of the existence of UFOs in the first few months of the Biden Administration. Some people believe the government is worried that Donald Trump might leak the sensitive information he was privy to and that this disclosure is just a preemptive move in case Trump starts leaking irresponsibly. I believe they will release some evidence about unidentified crafts but that they will ultimately give us as little as possible. 

Dress for success: If you eat a lot of chocolate, cakes and biscuits — update your wardrobe.

Reading the tea leaves: According to a September 2, 2020 article in the Washington Post, American readers favoured “dystopias, social justice and steamy romance” to read during the pandemic. Not to be outdone by our neighbours to the south, the Madawaska Valley Public Library has its share of readers with the same preferences! (Add to that a healthy dose of cookery and crafting books.) What might we predict for 2021? A continued connectedness with our community that has embraced our changing service modes – ordering materials online for pickup, embracing eBooks and audiobooks, participating in our socially distanced, safe programs such as the Halloween Walk, an online Zoo tour, a Story Walk featuring a local author, Christmas book bundles and gingerbread cookie kits. We’re looking forward to 2021!

Bigly crowd size: Because of COVID restrictions, attendance at the Biden Presidential Inauguration will be very limited. Despite this, Donald Trump will boast that his 2017 inauguration attracted a bigger audience … much bigger … in fact, huge … really, a lot of people are saying 2017 was the biggest inauguration ever.

Waste not, litter not: Discussions will be underway by Council to provide a coffee bar at the Bark Lake Landfill to encourage residents to participate in socializing while disposing of their refuse. Any littered coffee cups as a result will be appropriately contained.

Are we there yet? You can expect a lot of exciting travel to the countryside. 

Year of the Ox: 2021 is the Year of the Ox in Chinese astrology — a reliable, devoted and determined creature; one that is methodical, patient and a team player. Or maybe just another year of bullsh*t.

Liquid gold: Plan investments wisely; liquor sales are up 400 percent.

Investigating liberal capabilities: After undergoing a psychiatric evaluation, Justin Trudeau will be institutionalized for believing that he has the ability to run a country.

Keeping it live at the station: When the StationKeepers present the lineup for the opening performance of the Outdoor Heritage Stage at the Station, lead rhythm and blues singer Kim Love, accompanied by Ernie Peplinskie on banjo, Dave Shulist on harmonica, Carl Bromwich on percussion and Mark Willmer on recorder will be a sure-fire sellout event!

Get creative in person: The Write Retreat, the Madawaska Valley’s newest writer’s retreat at MKC on September 17,18, 19th will be a huge success and that we will all rejoice at being reunited in this and other in-person events by the end of the year. (Registration opens end of January)

Loon live the Queen: The Royal Canadian Mint will introduce a loonie depicting Queen Elizabeth wearing a mask. 


But perhaps, instead of making predictions, it’s best to follow Gandhi’s advice and take action:

“The future depends on what you do today.”



Many thanks to our contributors: Bob Corrigan, James Di Fiore, Karen Filipkowski, Gil Glofcheskie, Jason Malinowski, Joanne Olsen, Danielle Paul, Roger Paul, Adelle Purdham, Brenda Strack, Wendy Wolak.

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